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What’s coming next?

October 31, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

Fairmont education - Will all the "fun stuff" be cut? Sounds like it could be. Educators say "more money."?Taxpayers say "No."?Looks like a standoff to me. And it's not just a Fairmont problem - it's national.

An analogy comes to mind: There's a "cork in the bottle."?It's a huge bottle - with education inside and funding outside. Education says "Remove the cork or else. We've cut everything we can cut. Give us more money." Funders say "No - we don't know how to do it - but there's no more money."

So - what's to be done? Is there a "larger picture"? Can we agree that we all want the best of educations for our kids? What if we can't afford it? Is there any "middle ground"? Or is the time coming when we have to "lock the door"?

Might the operative word be "status quo?" Could it be that, for a variety of reasons, we really do need to look at new ways of doing things? If the old ways don't work anymore, aren't there new ways to fund/teach? Maybe even better ways? I don't know the answers, but it's hard for me to imagine and believe that there aren't people out there who do.

If the Fairmont referendum doesn't pass, what then? The superintendent and school board say they're not kidding - that the referendum is a "do or die." Will students open enroll to other schools? If so, Fairmont will have even more problems - as will the other schools.

"Status quo." That's the cork in the bottle.

Bill Raine




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