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Support God’s way

October 30, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

The worldwide erosion of family values and faith leads many of us to ask how this happened and how much worse can it get? Over time, mankind has brought on the conditions we are now living in by slowly chipping away at God's commands as to how we are to live and worship him.

We've redesigned much of his word to suit our own desires and have turned our backs on his perfect plan he created at the beginning of time.

We are now being asked to decide if a one man-one woman marriage is really the best way or is there a better way to have a family. We even have pastors telling us we need to rethink our position on marriage, as the old ways are outdated and intolerant.

When we study God's word, we read that God does not tolerate our turning our backs on his way and following the ways of the world. He promises us that our lives will be blessed if we would just follow his commands, decrees and statutes. We are to love one another enough to be able to warn each other when we see the danger in our path ahead. We are going to be held accountable for our every though, word and deed when we stand before him. We can't be silent when we believe we're headed in the wrong direction and then wonder why the world is crumbling around us. He expects us to speak up, to love each other and to continue to encourage one another in these trying times.

Vote yes for one man-one woman marriage on election day.

Jeanine Dau




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