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Voter ID simple issue

October 26, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

It sounds as if the county Auditor is trying to complicate a simplistic issue, that is an ID to vote. (Try to vote in Mexico without an ID and see how that turns out.) Maybe Mexico doesn't like Hispanics?

Although fraud is relatively low in Martin County and I am sure it is this is a myopic view of the state as a whole. The problem is once the vote is cast it is counted and if fraud is uncovered the fraudulent cote still counts, it can't be separated. Ever try to put a bullet back in the barrel after you pulled the trigger?

Implementation is simple, just like the DMV, library, Social Security office, or in a bank, no ID, no anything.

As for same day registration that is something that never should have been allowed. It is akin to putting the bullet back in the barrel, after you find out after the fact that Mickey Mouse voted again.

As for drawn out results with ID that will not be an issue and if it was we have 75 days to get it right. Would you like your test results back from the doctor in 30 seconds or less knowing accuracy is at best 50/50 while next week it will be 100 percent (if that is possible).

Voting online? Are you kidding? It would take months to sort out the fraud. And besides as a society have we become that pampered and lazy that we can't get to the polls in a heated car? The people that helped to found this country slept in their same clothes, ate dogs and whatever else they could get their hands on and if hit by a 69-caliber ball probably had real good medical attention.

As for the paper trail in machines that is important but if Mickey Mouse voted again it still counts.

Moving on to who pays it will be the taxpayer, the same entity which pays for everything else in this country including paying public employees to sit on their butt for 20 years after they quit (retire). This is just another reckless argument. I find it almost incomprehensible that anyone would be against voter ID unless they have the capacity for unregulated ignorance or there is an insidious plan afloat.

James E. Lutz




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