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What’s inside counts

October 22, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I have been reading the many articles in the Sentinel about the Fairmont Area Schools referendum.

The first thing I could not take was the scare to all the people that if they don't vote yes there will not be one single co-curricular activity or sport in the entire schools.

Then they say families will move out of town and go elsewhere for these activities.

I also read that the board is so proud of the progress we have made by tearing down and closing two schools, and the beautiful new addition to the elementary school.

Then came the report of the evaluation of our superintendent, Mr. Brown, and a high rating.

No one can convince me that many families will pick up and leave because they can't have all the extra co-curricular activities, unless they have to transfer or have a good or better job to go to. I attended high school here until our family moved to Jackson to another farm. I still remember Fairmont has always had football, basketball, band, music, art, gym and tennis, and many more classes to choose from.

These last three years have been the worst Fairmont Area has seen. Could it be overspending? When we vote on this referendum, we will have it right back again in three to four years.

I have some wonderful memories of our schools when we moved back to Fairmont in 1957. Our three children went to Budd School, Lincoln School, Junior High and Senior High. Each one had special memories of one of their teachers. They always said that special teachers helped them for their future jobs. One was the art teacher. That son went on to drafting school and had his own business. Another excelled in shop and had a good job in Mankato and the daughter took the MOEA class and was hired a Railway Motors.

I do hope everyone read the wonderful report in the Sentinel about Roxy Janke. There is an example of what a teacher can do for students. Roxy and her husband, Cliff, are two caring teachers at the school and in the community. I cannot vote yes unless I know more emphasis will be in the classrooms. Our teachers in the classrooms are the future for our students. I'm saying it's inside the school that counts. It's not what the school looks like outside, and all the activities outside. Yes, some have to be cut.

Betty Rettke




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