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The kids need support

October 22, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I've been considering the Fairmont Area Schools referendum over the past several weeks. I admit that at first I was planning to vote no. The reason for was because of decisions made by the board of education and our current superintendent, when more than once they chose not to do business locally. One of those decisions affected my husband and me personally because it was the business of school pictures.

However, we have been reminded of the greatness of our local community and the parents of the school children. People have been so supportive of us and many chose to bring their children to my husband for school pictures even though it may not have been the most convenient thing for them to do.

I am also considering how unfair it would be to our students to punish them for what I consider bad decisions by the board and the superintendent. The kids do not deserve to lose so many of their activities and classes. In addition, it is my belief that a strong public school helps to draw people to our community and we may lose out if we do not support the school referendum.

I appreciated what Roger and Carol Voss wrote when they said if we don't pay more in taxes now, we will most certainly pay more later when there are fewer of us living in the area to support the school.

I am planning to vote yes for the referendum because I think the kids deserve it, because their parents have gone out of their way to support us and because our community needs it.

I am still not happy with Mr. Brown and the board, but I do not think that should affect our kids.

Thank you, Fairmont citizens, for your support of us and for your support of our students.

Pam Carlson




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