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This is a civil matter

October 2, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

In a few weeks, each of you will go to the polls to cast your ballot on the Minnesota marriage amendment. I drive the highways and listen to people express their opinions, and I wonder just where they studied American history.

When this great Constitution we are lucky enough to live under was written, those wonderful men saw fit to keep the laws governing us separated from our religious beliefs, thus protecting your right to live what you believe as far as God goes, and no one in our government can stop you. The fact is that the church is to stay out of the citizens' rights to their civil rights, and marriage is a civil right or one would not have to pay a tax to get married (that is what a license is, a form of tax).

Why then is the right for gay marriage being damned by the churches? Why are so many of you so quick to decide that you have the right to take a civil right away from so many? The facts are very simple: the church is not the one requiring that people buy a marriage license. Rather, the state of Minnesota is and, as such, our founding fathers would not want you to vote on this by your religious principles, but by what will continue to make all of us equal in the eyes of the law. Come on people, separate your church from the state; that is what this country is founded on.

I know a gay couple, legally married in and by the state of Massachusetts. Their marriage has caused no damage to that of any marriages I know of. Their daughter is a doll and she knows so much love not only from her moms but from their gay and straight friends. Gay marriage is normal in Massachusetts. Children out there make no issue of gay marriage. It is like the sales tax we started in August 1967. The children in Minnesota today don't know what not having it is.

Again, this vote is not about your churches or what the Bible says; it is about the civil rights of others.

Remember, under our wonderful Constitution every church has the right not to marry anyone they have a problem with. This right needs to be upheld both ways. That is what those men wanted when they wrote, "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union" intended.

Kathy K. Koons




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