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Theory is in decline

September 1, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

Tuesday's issue of the Sentinel contained an article titled, "Prehistoric tiny bugs found locked in amber."?Please note the usual utter speculation shared as though it is established fact. Example: The bugs of note are "about 230 million years old." That is a total guess, and all should be aware that evolutionary ages are recalculated and re-guessed all the time, because our scientifically reliable age-assessing tools are only accurate within a few thousand years of our present day. Evolutionists guess the age of a fossil by the kind of rock in which it's embedded. How do they guess the age of the rock? By the kind of fossils found in the rock! Circular "proof" is not proof at all.

But the biggest aha is this: the revelation that the supposedly 230 million year old bugs are nearly identical to modern day bug descendants is not only "surprising,"?it screams at us the logical questions, "Where is the evidence for evolution?" "Why don't we see any advancement in an insect that lived 230 million years ago, even though evolution scientists think, "The world has changed a lot from when these bugs were alive."

You might notice that what the scientists have discovered about these bugs in amber is no surprise to creationists at all. We expect fossilized and amber-entombed animal/plant life to be "dead ringers" for modern descendants because God made them that way roughly 6,000 years ago. They were preserved in a cataclysmic event, a worldwide flood. Look at the evidence.

I know evolutionists are rolling their eyes right now, but I urge you to read every single evolution-related article that hits the papers. The articles are riddled with comments like, "This discovery has really surprised us, and we will need to revise our theories accordingly." Why are evolution scientists constantly surprised by their discoveries? Because the theory is full of holes. It leads evolutionists to expect to find things that they consistently do not find. And their evidence actually supports creation as revealed in the Bible.

Keep on printing the articles, Sentinel. Evolutionist "information releases" are the best evidence we have that evolution is a theory in decline.

Joe Ocker




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