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Stop breaking the law

August 30, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I decided to write this to tell some people to wake up and quit breaking the law now that school is starting.

I'm all over town in my wheelchair and I have flags and lights on it and a lot of people see me. But in the last three weeks I've almost been it three times, and now I'm concerned about the children because they are smaller than I am in my chair and they don't have flags.

Most of you drivers watch for things while you're behind the wheel, but I've noticed there are people out there who still talk on their cell phones or text on their phones. I've seen women putting their makeup on or brushing their hair. I've even seen people reading the paper while driving. These are the type of people who almost hit me so the chances are they could hit a child or cause an accident.

These people haven't been caught by the police but in the future they may be getting a ticket anyway. I'm getting a camera and taking pictures of these lawbreakers. I will turn these lawbreakers in to the police. This isn't just because of my safety but for everyone's safety, and if you're doing one of the things I already said you're making it unsafe for everyone.

So drive safe and quit breaking the law, because if you're seen breaking the law you just might get a visit by a police officer at your home because I caught you on film.

One more thing:?You need to stop for people in crosswalks and at stop signs.

Ben R. Christensen




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