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August 11, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Chickens seem harmless

Does Fairmont have a chicken problem? From our perspective, it's difficult to see.

The City Council will discuss the matter Monday, given that City Code bans farm animals, or wild animals, from being raised in town. Chickens are not mentioned specifically, so some clarification might be in order.

Meanwhile, at least one local resident who owns chickens as pets doesn't believe it would be fair for the council to say she has run afoul of the law. She certainly makes some good points about other animals - dogs, for instance - creating more problems than chickens.

Erdman was beloved

Marv Erdman made an impact on people. The longtime teacher, principal, coach, choir director and sports official passed away last week at age 76, following a battle with cancer.

Erdman was an institution at St. Paul's Lutheran School, Wilbert, before it closed in 2000. He also taught at Martin Luther High and St. James Lutheran in Northrop. In Ceylon, he helped with Memorial Day programs, and the city's centennial.

Erdman's legacy is evident in all those people who came back to say farewell at his visitation and funeral. They loved him for his caring wisdom, and his joy of life.

Budget must be cut

FarmFest near Redwood Falls this week spotlighted an ongoing debate about the next federal Farm Bill. As is the case with other federal spending, Republicans are asking how much more, and how much longer, the government can continue to push itself into debt.

Democrats are touting a small savings proposed in the bill. While that is good, it clearly makes no difference given the size of the overall bill and the enormity of the U.S. deficit and debt.

We believe the federal government must cut back on every aspect of its budget. The Farm Bill should be no different.

Remember to vote

Minnesota will hold a primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 14. For people in the Fairmont area, this will include the hotly contested fight for the Republican nomination for Congress between Allen Quist of St. Peter and Mike Parry of Waseca. The winner moves on to face U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn., in the general election.

We hope that in this race and others, voters will take the time to study the candidates and the issues, and then make their votes count.



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