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Make your vote count

August 7, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

On Aug. 14 there is a primary election in Minnesota for the purpose of selecting candidates who will be on the final election ballot in November. I encourage everyone to make their choices based on candidate past experience, education, commitment to their constituency, moral values, fiscal knowledge, respect for our Constitution and bylaws, and forward vision (an actual plan for how to get us out of the mess we are in).

Al Quist will have my vote and I know he will work tirelessly to bring some sense to Washington. After all, he has read the monstrous health care plan and already found many detrimental points in it; a huge one being the penalization of married couples by charging them more for their insurance, and will work to get this plan overhauled. He is demanding an audit of our state's Medicaid and several HMOs after overcharges and he has a plan to pull this nation back to a responsible, balanced budget in five years. Al is pro-life, pro-Constitution (as originally written), pro-Israel and for secure borders. He is backing the audit of the Federal Reserve, which is revealing trillions in loans to foreign entities, mostly large banks, at zero percent interest.

If you have voted in the past according to a candidate's looks, smooth talk, dreams promised or just because you have always voted for that party, then you are not voting responsibly. Our nation is in dire financial and moral straits and our legal system is not adhering to upholding the rights of the people as afforded by our Constitution. Our borders are open to anyone who can get here and we are being considered intolerant in any opposition to this administration's plans. There have been more than 1,200 executive orders written quietly by this president that are nothing less than a stranglehold on everyone.

We must rebuild this country with the same principles that well-guided us for more than 200 years, and it starts with local elections. Study the candidates for office and the judges who wish to serve on the bench. You have a responsibility to your children and grandchildren to do this well.

If you are ill or will be out of town on Aug. 14, you may vote absentee at the local courthouse. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Do it soon.

Karen Worthley




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