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May 25, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

After reading the recent article "Board splits on choosing photographer" I was compelled to write. Once again a local business has lost a bid to someone from out of town.

There are a few points that need to be brought to the public and the board's attention.

1. Last year's contract was not awarded until mid-summer, When the contract was awarded, Carlson Photography had to purchase equipment to make the IDs, so the time limits were brief for production.

2. Mr. Carlson was not asked if he could fulfill the job of making the IDs. Superintendent Brown just told him it would be easier for the school to do. Mr. Carlson would have made sure the job was done on time if given the chance. I assume that Mr. Brown paid his staff the "hours and hours" it took them to complete the badges.

3. On Aug. 29, Mr. Carlson went to the high school for registration to take pictures of students for the IDs. He spent two more days at the elementary school taking pictures for the students who didn't show on the 29th. That time was not in the contract and he was not reimbursed for it.

4. The school charges the students $5 per lost ID for the machine that Mr. Carlson provided and supplies material for. This means the school makes profit on this while Mr. Carlson pays the bill.

5. This year's bid request was sent to Mr. Carlson by email. Is that even professional?

6. The wording of the bid and the packages requested were standard packages recognized as Lifetouch packages. (If a business bids against other competitors, it becomes apparent with experience if a particular company or architect, etc., has drawn up the specifications for the bid.)

7 And finally, perhaps not related to, but interesting to consider. The school had two fire calls this year. Mr. Carlson drove a fire truck to each of those calls.

I think Carlson Photography deserves another chance as the school's photographer.

Sue Anderson




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