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Catholic groups rightly take stand against law

May 23, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Our nation is one - or was, until the social engineers of the Obama administration took over - in which the freedom of the individual to make his own decisions about issues that concern only him is paramount. The national health care law - Obamacare - wipes away that liberty and sets the stage for worse to come.

Roman Catholic dioceses, schools and other groups - 40 in all -?revealed this week they suing the government over one provision in the health care law. It requires many religious institutions, including colleges and universities that provide health insurance for employees and/or students to include specific coverages. Part of the mandate is for insurance for birth control services, including drugs the Catholic Church views as abortion inducers. As Catholic leaders have pointed out, that forces the faithful to go against church teaching.

One Catholic university in Ohio has announced it will stop making health insurance available to some students, in part because of the birth control requirement. In addition, the university noted the new law is expected to double the cost of policies.

The birth control insurance mandate is unconstitutional, of course, but no more than other provisions of Obamacare. The very foundation of the law is a requirement that all Americans obtain health insurance approved by the government.

Tens of millions of Americans would have to dig deeper into their own pockets because of a law that eliminates Americans' right to choose what types of health insurance we desire and can afford. That infringes upon personal liberty in a very meaningful way.

The so-called "individual mandate" already is before the Supreme Court, which is expected to issue a ruling this summer. If it decides against Obamacare, the Catholic lawsuit may be moot. Let's hope so.



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