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Taking away rights

May 1, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I am a Vietnam veteran. I proudly served my country for 22 years, spending 42 months in Vietnam. During that time, you as a citizen were happy to have me carry a gun to keep the insurgents at bay. I came back to the States and now I am required to have a card to carry a gun. I took the schooling to carry that card so I am legal to carry a gun. In seven years. I have never taken out my weapon for any reason.

Now Ceylon Legion Post 529 is telling me I cannot carry in their Legion. Why? This organization is made up of people like me, veterans. Those who fought to protect our freedoms and uphold the Constitution. Banning weapons, knives and guns only prevents honest, trained individuals from carrying, just like locks only keep honest people out. It is also ironic that they have guns stored at the Legion but I cannot carry a gun. It appears to be a double standard.

I believe this decision was based on emotion versus fact. It was not researched well as can be seen from their incorrect sign on the door that does not meet Minnesota Statutes. I choose to support organizations that do not limit my rights as a U.S. citizen, including my Second Amendment right to bear arms. Ceylon's Legion preamble states that they uphold the Constitution. However, they are restricting my constitutional right to bear arms. We have lost enough of our constitutional rights and I think it is wrong for a veterans organization to take away mine.

Orlo W. Dean,

SPC Retired Army




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