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April 28, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Sign up for CodeRED

Despite a glitch that occurred with last weekend's tornado warning in Martin County, we believe the CodeRED warning system is valuable and will serve citizens well in the long run.

CodeRED makes automated calls to phone numbers in zip codes affected by severe weather. Last Saturday, this involved the Trimont area. But it became clear that the system did not make a sufficient number of calls. Turns out people have to "opt in" to CodeRED for severe weather warnings. We encourage Martin County residents to do just that by visiting:?

Board came around

Armstrong-Ringsted School Board members this week were silly to toy with the idea of not approving a sports sharing agreement for North Union teams, just because baseball and softball will not take place in Armstrong. Every other sporting event will be at the high school in Armstrong. Why this was even a possible stumbling block tells us something about smalltown pride, but also about smalltown stubborness.

In the end, the school board unanimously approved the deal, which tells us something about people everywhere being able to adapt to common sense.

Team makes town proud

The Fairmont Area High School speech team continues to shine, year in and year out. The team made another appearance at the state meet last weekend, with several students turning in their routinely remarkable performances.

Student Eric Noll, who earned a gold medal in extemporaneous speaking, extolls the virtues of speech as providing a lifelong skill. We couldn't agree more. One of the things people fear most in life is speaking in front of others, yet it is an incredibly powerful skill in the business world, extending to political, civic and personal situations.

Kudos to the team for its excellence.

Hold them accountable

The trustees who oversee Social Security and Medicare say the federal programs for retirees are headed for insolvency, which is to say there is not enough money coming in to keep paying out the promised benefits.

We hope young and old alike take notice and demand accountability from elected officials, who have so far failed to take the painful steps necessary to reform these programs. There is an election coming up, and those seeking federal office must be willing to offer sensible solutions to the problem.



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