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Respect other churches

April 12, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I have followed Pastor Bendix's many contributions to the Sentinel for some time. While I don't always agree with him, I always respect the fact that he presents his point of view with no apologies.

His most recent contribution, "We must ask: What glorifies God" is a good example. He presents his church's viewpoint and does it well. I am disappointed that he does it with a disregard for interdenominational respect. He notes that birth control has been in the news of late, mostly due to Rick Santorum doing the same thing that Pastor Bendix does, that is, unapologetically sharing his stance.

What Rick Santorum did that Pastor Bendix did not was to continue to respect other churches while he shared his own beliefs. Pastor Bendix shares that contraceptives are not mentioned in the Bible. Neither are cybercrime, abortion, nuclear war, etc. And yet that does not mean any of these are moral and acceptable. He is right; we must look to the Bible then for direction. However, sometimes we need to look to the wisdom of those who went before us as well for answers to modern questions.

The Catholic Church has the stance that birth control is wrong. Pastor Bendix states, "Anyone who says that is saying more than God does in the Bible." Ouch. Up until 1930, all Christian denominations were in agreement that contraception was wrong. In 1930, beginning with the Anglican Church and its Lambeth Conference, most if not all Protestant denominations changed their position; the Catholic Church did not.

I am not here to argue either position. We could both site a multitude of scriptural references supporting both sides of the issue. Rather, I am calling on all of us to respect the position of other churches and unite behind our commonalities that make us Christian brothers and sisters. There are enough enemies on the outside without turning on others within our own house.

Dr. Scott P. Burtis




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