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Caucus tackled a lot

February 11, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

There was a DFL caucus on Tuesday at Red Rock Center in Fairmont. There was affirmation for President Obama as the Democratic candidate for president. One affirmation is the high esteem that Obama has around the world. There was a guest in attendance from Norway who explained that President Obama is respected and well thought of in Norway, whereas President Bush was not.

There was a discussion of issues facing us on the state and federal level. It was expressed that we are easily sidetracked from legislation that builds deep infrastructure in our communities and nation to hot topics like lowering the drinking age and building stadiums. Citizens need to point out those elected officials who block negotiation and, those who cause or threaten to cause a government shutdown. Such obstructionists, on both sides of the isle, should not be re-elected.

The health of our education system needs to have a higher priority. As an example of misplaced priority, it was noted the state held back payments to school districts as a way to manage cash flow problems. The raising of interest on student loans was a second example.

The caucus expressed concern that in the present governmental action, there is a disdain for the poor and those on the margins of society. Certain restrictions in the movement for requiring a voter ID may disenfranchise segments of society, such as soldiers returning from war with traumatic brain injury. The caucus spoke proudly of the Minnesota tradition of encouraging high voter turnout.

The discussion of proposed amendments to the constitution gravitated to an opinion that we should have a conservative attitude toward the constitution.

I felt this caucus was a grand expression of grassroots government. I missed seeing any coverage of it in the Sentinel the following morning.

Joel Xavier




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