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This failure highlights a fundamental problem

November 22, 2011
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

The failure of the congressional "supercommittee"?to reach an agreement on reducing the nation's budget deficits represents a fundamental divide in national (and world) thinking. It is a divide that holds out promise or disaster.

Our democracy, as well as those across Europe, are imperiled by decades of collectivism, and its accompanying cost in the form of deficits and debt. Collectivism says we're all in this together, so we are all obligated to care for everyone else, and that others must care for us. Deeply implied is the notion that those who have more must take care of those who have less.

There are several problems with this. In the most extreme examples, such as the former Soviet Union, collectivism represented an attack on all of those things that move mankind forward. Such as incentives to think, create and prosper. That nation survived for 70 years, but its people suffered and lived miserably. Except, of course, the political class that fed off the decaying corpse.

How is America different? That's just it. It's not different. Our notions of collectivism are killing our country. The New Deal and Great Society set us up for failure. Our spending is not sustainable. Our greatest collectivist notions - Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid - are insolvent. And our economy wobbles under a weight of debt, because our leaders do not say no to anyone, ever.

Those on the Left say:?Take more from the rich. Why? To be more collectivist? That is obviously the wrong path. It is historically, economically, empirically and morally obvious.

The alternative is to choose individual rights. In other words:?Leave people alone. Recognize their right to be free from the collective. Let them prosper. Let them help those they choose to help. Get out of their way.



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