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You’re just as guilty

December 1, 2010
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, the Sentinel published an article on page 3, dateline Washington, "Feds want helmets on riders." I found the article disturbing on more than one point.

First, it is not the federal government's right to force the states to do anything. According to our founding documents, these rights belong solely to the states. Minnesota reversed a law requiring all bikers wear a helmet many years ago, due to the outcry from the public. That is one of the freedoms we still have in Minnesota.

The "feel-gooders" always want to protect everybody because it makes them feel good. However, the "feel-gooders" don't really care about the lives their "feel-good" laws might save. They care about controlling all aspects of our lives. It is all about power and their "feelings."

If they really did care about saving lives, then the "feel-gooders" shouldn't spend so much time and energy trying to take away the rights of adults to wear or not to wear a helmet. They would concentrate on the approximately 4,000 aborted children, students, taxpayers, Social Security payers, employees, employers, customers, inventors, researchers, friends, neighbors, etc., that their liberal/progressive workmanship murders every single day in this country since Roe versus Wade. So far, it is estimated these insane, barbarous, murderous acts have destroyed over 55 million lives in America under the excuse of "choice of the mother." When, in fact, it is really being perpetrated under the excuse of the god of sex, convenience, money or some other ridiculous machination.

When will this country wake up and stop liberals/progressives from destroying lives all the while trying to make us believe they want to protect us? They live a lie, and they want us to participate in their lies, while they destroy children and this country. I can assure you God will hold this nation and individuals accountable for the destruction of innocent lives the liberals/progressives have foisted upon us.

Are you innocent of this monstrous sin? Have you voted for or encouraged those who vote for the politicians who pass and hold on to the laws that make this possible? Do you send your money to the unions that support abortion? If you vote for or send your money to organizations, unions, politicians and judges who support abortion, then you are as guilty as the person who participates in each act of murder around 4,000 times a day.

Mike Foty




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