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Blue Earth police woes ongoing

May 6, 2014

BLUE EARTH — Troubles in the police department continue to haunt Blue Earth City Council....

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May-06-14 11:10 AM

Surprise, Surprise! Chad Bonin is nothing but trouble! Look how many departments the man has worked for. His career as a police officer is short and the man has worked for multiple departments. Blue Earth would be wise to end things now before he brings more trouble their way.

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May-06-14 11:26 AM

You are exactly right about "trouble", but let Blue Earth keep him, the surrounding towns do not want him. Fairmont would be just the one to hire him. Take note Fairmont, we don't want him. He has a problem keeping his mouth shut on private issues.

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May-06-14 6:17 PM

Don't worry he burned his bridge in Fairmont. They wont bring him back. What a cancer!

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May-06-14 7:50 PM

It seems to me that when your officers are screw ups, you have to look at the man in charge: The Blue Earth chief of police. The chief has to take responsibility for his men, and their actions obviously relate to his lack of leadership. The chief has got to go -- today!

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May-06-14 8:54 PM

I'm from a town that Chad has worked for, and I want to add that Chad did his job and did it well for us. I haven't felt the same sense of security since he left. You are good at what you do, Chad, and no one can convince me otherwise.

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May-06-14 9:40 PM

This is a problem due to state-credentialed officer -- they can work for any or all departments if they want and have the time. I am not against officers working * for a nieghboring community... But when I am stopped for a traffic infraction, I want to know which dept I am being arrested by. I don't think it is right that FC Sheriff Dispatch can call Winnebago police to stop my travel before I even get the Winnebago.

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May-06-14 9:43 PM

Another issue the the multitude of laws enacted by the state. I'd be willing to bet I break/ commit what could be considered felonies, two or three times, before I take my morning coffee break.

How is it we had a third more population 40 years ago, but less than half of the city/ county police force?

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May-06-14 10:05 PM

Sentinelfan1, it's not the chief's job to babysit these officers, they all take an oath before becoming an officer, they're given a code of conduct upon hiring. They're GROWN men, unfortunately they have made a "personal" choice to not up hold that code of conduct. Officer Purvis was first investigated by the FC Sheriff's office for a personal matter that was not within the City limits, which means it has nothing to due with how the department is run! Being the Seninelfanl1, and your comments on other articles, I assume you actually read articles before you post, and could put that together. People in all professions make personal decisions that can affect their professional position. A boss, has nothing to do with a personal choice made by one of their employees. You give them the rules, codes and conducts, it's up to that person to follow them. BE Chief has followed all of the proper protocol when allegations were brought to him, he's doing his job!

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May-06-14 10:47 PM

We need to remember Chad is being investigated and has not been charged. He may have done nothing wrong. Let's see how this plays out before we cast judgement.

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May-07-14 8:59 AM

I agree with BERes20 in that a Chief of Police is a mere "potted plant" with no accountability or responsibility when his officers act improperly on duty or off. To further defend the Chief and to put the community at ease, BERes20 should tell the public how the Chief "followed all of the proper protocol when allegations were brought to him." This simple disclosure will silence all critics. Your public awaits.

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May-07-14 9:24 AM

Chad is very "cocky" and his history supports his actions..but why keep paying these officers ??

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May-08-14 10:16 AM

This article says nothing about the reason that Chad was put on leave, yet you all seem to know that he surely did something warranting leave and can sit here and judge him for whatever it is. It's amazing how people can sit and throw stones on this website and gossip everywhere else. Clearly you are perfect and have never been gossiped about. He also is a father and husband, have some respect, at least until the ACTUAL truth comes out.

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May-08-14 3:55 PM

Respect him as a husband and father. . .clearly you dont know Chad! Thats funny! Wont you be eating your words. Sometimes there are bad apples!

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May-12-14 7:02 AM

First,let's get one thing straight, we use this to voice our opinions because if our names were attached we would place a target on on our back. Blue Earth is no different than Fairmont,Truman. If you say anything against any of the officers we will target you!! Know fact!! I feel that if an employee paid by the citizens is investigated, the public should know what the problem is. It's BS about privacy, we pay them we have a right to know!! Stop protecting them.

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