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Talk about dumb spending

April 17, 2014

To the Editor: I agree with state Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont, that $89.5 million for a Senate office building is pretty stupid. But it’s not the dumbest spending ever done at the Capital....

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Apr-17-14 4:41 AM

Couldn't have been said any better.....Gunther and Rosen are quick to bash the other side, but when there stupidity shows, they put their head in the sand.... Rosen was so gung ho for the stadium.... but where is she now, to explain the debacle..... Why aren't they in their districts, figuring out why our school systems are failing the children

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Apr-17-14 5:00 AM

Brad you hit a homer on your post. Thats exactly what the state needs term limits. Sure the folks in Fairmont and all around Southern MN can watch the overpaid sports players do their thing in nice costly buildings while Hwy 15 keeps coming apart and other projects like bridges and bringing more decent paying jobs to the local area.

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Apr-17-14 7:48 AM

I am for term limits and vote as an independent. before you bash the stadiums, please list another government supported project that will pay for itself? The stadium will pay for itself in tax revenue and jobs. The Metrodome and Target Field are "tax" generating assets. As for the roads, that's what the gas tax is suppose to cover, except Rep and Dem use for the general fund. Rosen and Gunther can go, but your short sightedness on the stadium is inaccurate.

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Apr-17-14 6:51 PM

How about 600 million on the obamacare website? How about Solyndra? How about the stimulous for the so called shovel ready jobs? How about the huge loss the taxpayers took on GM bailout? Were we paid back 100 percent on that? The stadiums bring tons of business in to the metro and they will pay for themselves. Even if you dont like the teams. The country is 17 trillion in debt. How much of that is obama-DEMOCRAT DEBT?

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Apr-17-14 8:39 PM

How about two unfunded wars that Bush got the US involved in. That sure didnt help the debt any.

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Apr-17-14 10:20 PM

Oh you mean the wars that got the authoriztion for military use votes from 40 percent of dem representatives and 58 percent of democrat senators? Dont forget the countries who were with us on it. Didnt hillary vote for it too? BENGHAZI. 4 DEAD AMERICANS. first ambassador in 30 years.

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Apr-18-14 8:21 AM

Go ahead tell half the story, dumbocrat. A majority of republicans voted Against the stadium. The majority of democrats...voted For the stadium. It's the same in the house and senate.

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Apr-18-14 7:38 PM

I love when someone disagrees with iron clad facts.

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Apr-18-14 8:42 PM

It was still dumb spending any way you look at it. Look at our friends to the East do they build overpriced ballparks every 30 years or so. I dont think so.

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Apr-19-14 10:19 PM

phoenix, the only iron clad fact I can think of reading your posts is that if Bill O'Reilly told you the sun rose in the West you'd agree with him. Make yourself useful and volunteer to become a human speed bump.

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Apr-20-14 10:36 AM

Good one dick. As usual you cant prove me wrong. Why dont you make yourself useful and go get rachel maddow her coffee or rub that tingle chris mathews gets up his leg when he hears obama.

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Apr-22-14 8:23 AM

Phoenix. Do you suppose that dick has a hair salon for bald people or pets??

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