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Seeing red by now

January 15, 2014

To the Editor: In 2012, two other people and myself sold some farmland. I had 60 acres of 160 acres. It wasn’t my idea to sell. In fact, I was against it....

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Jan-27-14 4:01 PM

The letter writer should have consulted with a financial planner to help mitigate these taxes.

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Jan-18-14 1:04 PM

"we need a Dept. of Common Sense..........."

Obama already has more governmental programs and departments than he knows what to do with.

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Jan-18-14 1:01 PM

"You profited nearly a half a million dollars from the sale of this land. you don't get that for free."

So we need more democrat redistribution of wealth? When Bill and Hillary start living in a cardboard box in Times Square, I will believe in the democrat quest for wealth distribution.

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Jan-17-14 10:43 PM

we need a Dept. of Common Sense...........

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Jan-17-14 1:36 PM

Wildthing my husband and I dont smoke or drink or go out a party so none of our money goes to that, just to pay our bills that we have and none of them are credit card bills either we have no debt there. I do agree that death tax is stupid in my mind it is double taxing people. Truthbeknown so basically if you work hard and do a good job in life you should be able to leave nothing to your family (which is usually why you work hard in the first place to provide for them) you should have to take care of the people that sit on there butt and dont work because we (taxpayers) pay for them. I have no problem helping someone down on there luck but why should we pay for people to do nothing when we do all the work. We should have the right to enjoy are hard work. There is nothing saying that the you or anyone else couldnt have the same amount of income as my husband and I. We made choices to go to college and get good jobs we had no more of an advantage than anyone else.

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Jan-17-14 10:51 AM

You profited nearly a half a million dollars from the sale of this land. you don't get that for free.

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Jan-17-14 10:43 AM

So you think Medicare should be free?

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Jan-16-14 10:54 PM

Death taxes? I believe estates are tax free up to 3 to 5 million dollars federal and at least 1 million state. Estate taxes do not affect many people in our area and if they do then they obviously have the $$ to pay them. Pity the poor people who not even inherit the residual of an estate. If you pay taxes you must make $$. Lucky you

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Jan-16-14 9:57 AM

4,000 dollars a month isn't much to live on if you pay for EVERYTHING yourself and dont get food stamps, free health insurance, your phone bill paid for, free TV & internet, any student loans all paid for by us tax payers!!!!!!!! My husband and and I both have good paying jobs and make bring home 3500 a month after taxes. We have 2 older vehicles, a 70,000 dollar house, have 2 cell phones, no tv, internet only for my husbands job, dont have any toys ie boat ATV snow mobile, etc and rarely eat out. After paying for his student loans, house, electricity, medical bills, basic necessities. we dont have a whole lot left in our checking account. So really if you pay for everything yourself and have no GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE 4,000 a month is not a whole lot. As for selling your land she has to claim that whole sale as income even the taxes and that causes them to be in a much higher tax bracket. Some families are having to sell a farm to pay for taxes when a loved one dies.

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Jan-16-14 9:52 AM

"There are three federal lawmakers - Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Al Franken and Congressman Tim Walz"

I wouldn't bother writing to either of them, they are only looking out for themselves. Besides, we have the best government money can buy and laws written by lawyers...

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Jan-15-14 7:19 AM

What does your land sale a year ago have to do with your Medicare going up?

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