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Dog’s death stirs up debate in Blue Earth

November 5, 2013

BLUE EARTH — A heated debate broke out Monday when the president of the Faribault County Humane Society confronted the Blue Earth City Council about a dog being euthanized....

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Nov-05-13 10:14 AM

Seriously? They let the owners take the dog out of impound without any supervision? Are these people nuts? Of course they weren't going to bring the dog back on their own. And how convenient that the dog "bit" the owner on the way to the vet to be microchipped. You're all been duped, folks!

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Nov-05-13 11:58 AM

It is very upsetting to read about this issue with the Blue Earth City Council and the Faribault County Humane Society OVER and OVER again. It is sad to read and see how other Humane Society’s are taking GREAT care of animals in their counties Martin County for ONE what a great job. Then you have Faribault County they want to pay the Humane Society $5.00 per day to take care of the pound YES I SAID FIVE DOLLARS PER DAY. The Humane Society pays $600.00 per year for insurance just to be at the pound to help these animals. This is required by the City!

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Nov-05-13 12:01 PM

The City Council of Blue Earth has their heads in the SAND. My wife drives 18 miles one way to let those animals out, clean the pound and to do the laundry AT OUR EXPENSE! We have taken many animals to our farm from Faribault County and fostered them and received NOTHING FROM THE COUNTY!

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Nov-05-13 12:03 PM

My wife and I were called this last Saturday morning by the Faribault County Sheriff to help catch a GOAT in a yard in the city of Winnebago. Apparently no officer was on duty in Winnebago, No animal control officer has been hired, and No one wanted to put this goat in a Squad car. So we helped the county by getting out of bed taking our truck some carrots and fruit loops to lure the goat and off to catch a goat. We were successful with catching the goat and putting it in the back of our truck and with a lead to the possible home of the Goat and with the escort of a Sheriffs car we returned the goat to its home. We asked Winnebago for some compensation for our time and gas and WE WERE TURNED DOWN !!!!

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Nov-05-13 12:04 PM

The Faribault County Humane Society is working very very hard to help the Animals in the County and the families that have lost their pets and we are running into a very large WALL the Blue Earth County City Council. They just do not want to work with or help the Humane Society. They are more concerned with animal Turds on school property and animal turds around the pound which lead them to NOT mow the grass or work on an electrical issue at the pound. The City of Blue Earth and Faribault County have been saving a lot of money by having no Animal Control Officer on duty and USING the Humane Society. What a deal for them !!!

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Nov-05-13 12:50 PM

Geez, I don't know if I would want *johnsonj* around me, there are some anger issues there... Is this the same humane society mindset that has allowed horses to starve to death or be sent to Mexico to be slaughtered?

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Nov-05-13 1:55 PM

blue5011. We have had nothing to do with those starving horses in Faribault County or having horses slaughtered, you may want to check out the facts before you start tossing TURDS around. We are the humane society we try to prevent this from happening; we try to help the animals from running stray. I think you have us confused with the city council of Blue Earth. Why would we allow horses to be sent to Mexico? We have not worked with horses YET. We do not have a foster home for one. Thank You

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Nov-05-13 5:01 PM

Stray cats and dogs should be put down in a timely fashion not held for weeks and months. you may think you are doing everyone a favor but really you are part of the liberal drain on society who believes every little creature should be saved at tax payer expense. The money isn't there.

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Nov-05-13 5:38 PM

Sounds like this is on the owners and no one else. They had no business owning a dog in the first place and should be held accountable.

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Nov-05-13 11:44 PM

johnsonj, I stated, " Is this the same humane society mindset that has allowed horses to starve to death or be sent to Mexico to be slaughtered?" **humane society mindset** In other words you are attempting to equate animals as human. Then you deny the right of an animals owner the DECISION, if ,and when an animal should be euthanized. As I also stated, I think you got some pent-up anger clouding your judgement. Not everyone equates animals w/ humans. Dogs and especially cats, are a dime a dozen. Why someone insists on perpetuating the cat species is beyond me.

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Nov-06-13 1:16 AM

The Faribault County Humane Society (FCHS) volunteers are trying to make the world a better place for pets and people. We are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year. A stray animal has five business days to be claimed, and then the city has the right to euthanize it. (Imagine telling your child that his beloved pet was found and then killed.) FCHS has saved about 120 animals a year. We are paid to care for the animals at the pound, and in turn, we pay for vaccinations, spays, neuters, laundering the bedding, and food. The pound is a small metal shed, and FCHS has made it more humane by installing air conditioning, a window, fencing, and a second door. It is very rewarding to reunite a dog with its owner or find a perfect home for a stray. Perhaps you could help us!

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Nov-06-13 9:48 AM

Geez. How about we get those pets a drivers license & register to vote for the dems??

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Nov-06-13 4:30 PM

So it shouldn’t matter to you if these animals are killed or not or you would like to see all dogs and cats killed except HORSES they are your concern. But they are animals! What is your concern my anger? Well that is like pulling TEETH hard to take care of when I deal with heartless people. I guess you have never had a pet and have no idea what it is like to have one. Your childhood must have been a rough one or are you the one that would go around shooting cats for fun. Maybe if you would of walked this dog and spent some time with it you may have looked at it differently. Are you familiar with the City official that shot a Black Lab by Pilot Grove with a 20 Gauge shot gun 2 shots and left it lay in the field to ROT “MINDSET” ! Good thing it wasn’t a horse right ? Oh that took tax payers money to do that also !

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Nov-09-13 12:25 AM

The bottom line in all of this is that the city should never have allowed unsupervised access to the dog with its owners. Period. The liars and cheaters always seem to have the benefit of the doubt, while the hard working, honest volunteers are always having to defend themselves against the slightest accusation. And just ignore blue5011, he has nothing but time on his hands to think up these kinds of thoughts.

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