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We all will pay the price

May 23, 2013

To the Editor: The 2013 legislative session has ended, and it will be remembered as the year Democrats enacted the largest tax increase proposals in Minnesota’s history....

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Jun-03-13 3:23 PM

...and what was the reasoning behind Sen. Rosen taking the reins on the Vikings Stadium is that doing anything for Fairmont? Unless, just maybe, Rosens Diversified is getting a large contract for supplying to the new dome??? But at least she did something. As for you, Bob, have you ever done anything worthwhile for Fairmont, besides taking up space at the local McDonalds drinking up free coffee???

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May-27-13 1:34 PM

So worried about paying back the school funding shift are we? Remind me Bob.. which party took that money in the first place? When there was a proposal put forth to pay it all back this year, your republicans were against that too! At least its getting paid back faster than it was under the original plan.. You can't have it both ways, your party stole that money from our kids, and now you want to blast the Dems for not paying it back, even though you were against paying it back? Getting to be too much of a career politician Bob, worrying more about your party than what's good for your constituents who have put their trust in you for so many years

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May-27-13 10:14 AM

blah blah blah same crap, different day. Get with the times Bob!!

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May-26-13 12:41 PM

"The 2013 legislative session has ended, and it will be remembered as the year Democrats enacted the largest tax increase proposals in Minnesota's history."

Raise taxes, that is the democrat party answer to everything. What will they do when they run out of "the peoples" money?

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May-24-13 10:57 PM

One party rule "over reach"? Now that's rich. Can't agree with TruthbeKnown more, this is spilled milk. Bemoaning money going to the Stadium (and it's jobs) instead of not being spent on nursing homes and all the other social programs not funded by the last majority party? Indifference followed by false concern, what a sad statement on the true motivations and values of a "leader" and representative of the people. And who can forget "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!"?

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May-24-13 8:42 AM

Years of service. Now in your final year, do something great.

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May-24-13 8:40 AM

"Over reach?" I believe it was Rep. Gunther that introduced the constitutional amendment last year concerning gay marriage that resulted in the legalization this year. It was Sen. Rosen that was the lead for the new Vikings stadium. With the tax increases comes a reduction in real estate taxes that have skyrocketed with the Republicans in power. Day care providers are not "forced" to unionize but are given the "right" to unionize. Wasn't it refreshing to see some debate and disagreement in the ruling party instead of the previous "stick to the talking points or leave the party" tactics of the previous party? Let's at least let the dust settle before we try to tear apart the results of this session. There is plenty of time to campaign before the next election and by waiting you might be wiser in selecting your points to battle. Maybe even consider all your constituents instead of just the ones your party tells you to represent. Thanks Bob for you

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