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Private wells may be banned in Fairmont

March 27, 2013

FAIRMONT — Since Fairmont implemented the watering ban last year due to the ongoing drought, City Hall has been fielding more and more questions about private wells....

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Mar-29-13 1:07 AM

Wells are a deep subject.

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Mar-28-13 2:42 PM

Just a tool of the man trying to keep another brother down!

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Mar-28-13 11:44 AM

It's just another way to control the masses.

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Mar-28-13 2:58 AM

Just another reason why I'm not moving back to the Fairmont area.

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Mar-27-13 1:32 PM

School tackles water problem

blue5011 Mar-12-13 11:19 PM

"Humpal said none have been installed since at least 1995"

I tell you what zbag12, get your pen and paper and just **try** to get a well permit in Fairmont. You would have better luck finding a unicorn fart... +++++++++++++

The city will have a ordinance in place faster than you can get a permit.

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Mar-27-13 1:14 PM

This article is so full of misinformation that it is scary.

The idea of restricting water use within City Limits as a means of protecting the ability of the City Well of being able to keep up with demand is not without merit - especially when use of private wells is meant to circumvent a use (lawn watering) that is presently banned to save water for more essential use. Even as a well driller myself, I really don't have a problem with that. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

What DOES bother me is the rest of the article.

* The likelihood of "hazardous material" being sucked into the City Water Supply by a private well is infinitesimal. For this to happen, the private homeowner would have to leave the end of a garden hose in a container of hazardous material, shut off power to the pump and then "hope" that the checkvalve(s) in place in the pump system fail in order to create a sufficient vacuum to*****the hazardous material down in the

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Mar-27-13 9:54 AM

I agree with that this is truly a JOKE! Fairmont has again said (without directly saying) that they want to drive people away. Again the new water plant should not be taking water from our lakes. This was a bad idea from the beginning and we will forever pay for the bad idea. The DNR says that we can't use water outside as we wish so the city raises rates because we all are using less water. This is like getting the shaft from both ends. Look at our tax statements that just came out, you can go broke living in Fairmont. This what I believe and have the right to express and complain when it's needed. Not that the city will listen.

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Mar-27-13 9:37 AM

Three things: One, the school needs to water the fields in the interest of player safety to keep fields from becoming like concrete. City of Fairmont is being irresponsible if it denies the School from trying to protect our kids. Mine is one of them, and I will attest to the cement-like fields last fall. Two, other people who want private wells should be able to have them with restrictions, including having City monitor them. This includes making sure the residents still pay their share of City water costs. City could easily justify its monitoring costs, as there are many private wells. I have a private well, but I do not have it hooked up. Three, I am not sure how City should handle the public baseball fields, but I would offer up they maybe could work out an arrangement with someone to get water trucks from a private source and minimally water fields.

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Mar-27-13 7:50 AM

The city can't get their money on your well, so ban them. I might just put one in before the ban gets put into place.

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Mar-27-13 2:45 AM

What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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