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Real disaster we face is busybody government

October 4, 2013 It’s easy to understand the frustration of Martin County commissioners who this week approved creating a full-time emergency manager positio. more »»

Deficits, debt ceiling represent real problems

October 3, 2013 In arguing for bigger government, including the national health insurance takeover, President Barack Obama is being more than a little dishones. more »»

Fundamentally, our lives belong to us alone

October 2, 2013 There is a simple but profound question about every person’s existence: Does his life belong to him? As our Founding Fathers might have asked: Does an individual have the rights to life, liberty and... more »»

True value of program has to be considered

October 1, 2013 For all the claims President Barack Obama and other liberals have made about helping the middle class, the new national health care law — Obamacare — is more evidence they really don’t care. more »»

Et Cetera ...

September 28, 2013 Educational and fun We thought it was pretty cool that students from area parochial schools got the chance this week to study forensic evidence, as a Science Museum of Minnesota program visited... more »»

Are there other ways to deliver some services?

September 27, 2013 The Sentinel recently ran an article on Craig Nelson, a volunteer who purchases the plants and tends the beautiful flower gardens at Lincoln Park in Fairmont. more »»

Immigration reform should become priority

September 26, 2013 President Barack Obama and Congress got what they viewed as a break on illegal immigration for a few years. It decreased, giving them an excuse to do little about it. more »»

Local school program has larger ramifications

September 25, 2013 Fairmont Area Schools has put in place a free breakfast program for elementary students. Kids get milk, juice and a snack, like crackers. more »»

Americans should not be forced to pay more

September 24, 2013 More than two centuries ago, Americans fought a War of Independence in large measure because our ancestors would not submit to taxation without representation. more »»

Et Cetera ...

September 21, 2013 Programs rate at top We congratulate Fairmont Area Schools early childhood education programs for earning the state’s highest rating. more »»

Some rules make sense, but others are egregious

September 20, 2013 A conversation among Blue Earth City Council members this week illuminates a clear problem in that city, and likely elsewhere: overregulatio. more »»

‘Faraway’ debate does have impact on region

September 19, 2013 There’s another budget battle brewing in the nation’s capital, with ramifications for everyone, including those in our state, region and towns. more »»

‘Navigators’ should provide client security

September 18, 2013 Some companies and organizations that initially accepted federal money to act as “navigators” for the new federal health care law, “Obamacare,” are returning the funds, claiming they have been... more »»

Horrifying bullying story should serve as an alert

September 17, 2013 Among the most heart-wrenching, deeply troubling stories in the news recently was that of a 12-year-old Florida girl who committed suicide after being bullied for nearly a year. more »»

Et Cetera ...

September 14, 2013 Something to shoot for We congratulate students at Fairmont Elementary School for being diligent readers over the summer. They read 4,647 books in about 90 days. more »»

Postal Service faces major societal shift

September 13, 2013 What is the right thing to do with smalltown post offices? With the Postal Service losing money, plans had called for some of these post offices to be closed. more »»

School rightly commits funds to masonry work

September 12, 2013 Fairmont Area Schools has money set aside, apparently, to repair the weathered joints in the masonry at the junior/senior high school and the elementary building. more »»

Proposal makes sense to avoid conflict in Syria

September 11, 2013 The prospect of war has a way of encouraging the bipartisanship so many Americans say they want to see in Washington. more »»

If Syrian government should go, who follows?

September 10, 2013 Among the most perceptive and at the same time worrisome comments made on the prospect of U.S. military action against Syria was one by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V. more »»

Administration doesn’t inspire much confidence

September 9, 2013 The decision by a U.S. more »»



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