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After 17 years, it’s time for higher inspection fees

July 1, 2016 Martin County enacted a feedlot ordinance and inspection system almost two decades ago. The idea was to ensure the protection of surface and ground water. more »»

Obama in no position to criticize GOP plans

June 30, 2016 Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a plan to help more Americans obtain health insurance. more »»

‘Sit-in’ was complete and total political stunt

June 29, 2016 Proponents of new limits on gun ownership should be furious with Democrats in the House of Representatives for the purely political “sit-in” demonstration they staged over gun control. more »»

U.S. should make clear that we support the U.K.

June 28, 2016 The United Kingdom’s people and government are among the oldest, warmest, staunchest friends we Americans have. Surely U.K. more »»

U.S. cannot take more Obama-style economics

June 27, 2016 President Barack Obama keeps telling us the economy is humming right along, restored to good health by his policies. But people who know the economy are not as certain of that. more »»


June 25, 2016 Great Asset Presentation College is looking to expand its Fairmont campus to fulfill the area’s need. more »»

Hindsight works great, but resolves nothing

June 24, 2016 Along with the many other questions, some unanswerable, about the mass killings in Orlando is this: The murderer, Omar Mateen, was known by many — perhaps including the FBI — to be dangerous. more »»

FDA’s delays may endanger your health

June 23, 2016 We have been accustomed to hearing about recalls of food products because of concerns they may make us sick. But according to a federal watchdog, the U.. more »»

Cornered terrorists may focus elsewhere

June 21, 2016 In their three major theaters of war, Islamic State terrorists appear to have been knocked back on their heels. That undoubtedly is good news, but it comes with a worrisome qualification. more »»

Why is Obama afraid to say ‘radical Islam’?

June 20, 2016 President Barack Obama refuses to use phrases such as “radical Islam” or even “Islamic terrorists.” What would that accomplish, he asked rhetorically in angry comments on the matter. more »»

Et Cetera ...

June 18, 2016 School wins $50,000 We congratulate Fairmont Area Schools for securing a $50,000 grant from US Bank and the Minnesota Vikings to replace the wooden bleachers at the baseball and softball fields. more »»

Defense bill contains more wasteful spending

June 17, 2016 There is much good in a defense spending bill approved overwhelmingly by the U.S. Senate this week. more »»

Local voters will decide fate of ‘wellness center’

June 16, 2016 City of Fairmont residents are headed toward a vote on a half-cent local option sales tax, with the proceeds being eyed for a regional wellness center and other recreational amenities. more »»

Shutting off pipeline of hate may have merit

June 15, 2016 Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness of one sort or another. Yet very few of them commit acts of extreme violence. more »»

Americans disagree, but support tolerance

June 14, 2016 We Americans debate matters such as whether people who believe biology is not really the determinant of gender should use certain restrooms. more »»


June 13, 2016 Request would take 75 years? How convenient President Barack Obama’s administration has been in full campaign mode for Hillary Clinton for some time. more »»

Et Cetera ...

June 11, 2016 EDA travels to Trimont Martin County Economic Development Authority branched out this week, meeting in Trimont to let people there learn about the EDA, while getting input from residents. more »»

Time was right to move forward on renovations

June 10, 2016 Martin County commissioners this week approved renovations of the county-owned building at 121 N. Main St., the future home of the Veteran Services Office. more »»

Tax bill, public works should not be connected

June 9, 2016 Minnesota lawmakers made an error in the tax bill they passed and sent to Gov.?Mark Dayto. more »»

U.S., Iraq should not allow propaganda win

June 8, 2016 Islamic State terrorists being pushed out of the critical Iraqi city of Fallujah have slowed the advance of Iraqi troops with a very effective tactic — use of human shield. more »»



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