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Fed up

February 20, 2013 - Meg Alexander
There's another downfall to this sedentary life we live. At no other time do I eat as much as when I'm sitting at my desk or watching a movie. (The reason is obvious, of course, in that it's pretty hard to down an entire pizza while walking my dog or riding my bike!)

In front of me at the moment is maybe one to two servings of cashews, all that remains of the container I nearly polished off in an hour yesterday. Those six servings I absentmindedly consumed added up to 84 grams of fat and 330 mg of sodium. Still, it could have been worse. Cashews are a healthy snack — in moderation — and much better than devouring a bag of potato chips or box of chocolates, which I can easily do if someone puts a bag in front of me.

It's no secret in this office that I am a candy junkie, but what not everyone realizes is that I usually don't eat the stuff except when I'm at work, where I'm surrounded with it, sometimes because people bring sweets to share, and sometimes because I cave and walk up the street to the drug store to get a quick sugar fix. But at home, you won't find much for junk food in my cupboards or refrigerator ...

More than watching my weight — I've been blessed with high metabolism — I watch what I eat. When I go to the grocery store, I avoid the tempting aisles with the pop and chips and cookies and juice. I buy food with specific recipes in mind, stick with those things, and treat myself to a few fruits and vegetables that stick out to me as I browse the aisles.

Fruit is expensive you say? You're right, it is! But I realized one day waiting in the checkout line as I was eyeing a 3 Musketeers bar that it cost the same or more than the fruit I had just passed up.

Today I'll leave you with one of my favorite recipes, which somehow satisfies my yearning for comfort food and my sweet tooth. And while yes, it is a vegetarian recipe, I've also added chicken (and bacon!) to it, though it's equally delicious without meat.


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