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Let's focus

February 18, 2013 - Meg Alexander
I'm not a great blogger, or at least I haven't been, and it's partly due to a lack in focus. Since this blog is set up through my employer, and my employer is a newspaper, and I am a writer for said newspaper, I've wanted to steer clear of topics that could hinder my credibility as an unbiased source of news. I've also wanted to avoid the personal stuff, since I'm a pretty private person and don't really feel comfortable sharing many details of my life, though I definitely enjoy when my colleagues do through their blogs!

The question has been: What does that leave me to write about? In the past, I've tried to keep it neutral, writing about books, movies and music, and I've received some positive feedback from those of you who have checked out my suggestions, but I'd like to do more.

I once described myself, probably on some social media outlet, as liking things that make me think, and things that distract me from thinking too much. That basically sums me up in a tiny, vague nutshell, but let's expand from there and see what we find, shall we? Because the truth is, my pithy little one-liner doesn't share any of the things that are really important to me. Beyond writing, which I have loved since I was a small girl, and beyond what I write about for this newspaper, there are some things about which I feel pretty strongly, and I think I'm ready to go on the record.

Most of those "things," to which I referred, fall under one general subject heading: Health. Break that down into the subtopics of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, societal, fiscal health, etc., etc., and I should have enough subjects to cover for a lifetime, giving me no excuse for failing to blog.

Let me start, or rather conclude, by saying I am obviously not an expert on this topic. What I am is an ordinary American, trying to live a healthier life, and I happen to have this outlet to share what has encouraged and inspired me, in hopes that it will encourage you, my reader.


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