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Counting down to Hunger Games

February 24, 2012 - Jennifer Brookens
I'm usually not a movie fanatic. I average a trip to the movie theaters about once a year. But this year, there are two movies I was eager to see.

One was the long-awaited Stephanie Plum crossover to the silver screen in "One for the Money." It didn't come to the Fairmont theater, but my mother and I went to see it in Mankato. It was good, but I'm not holding out much excitement for any sequels. There's only so much gritty Jersey scenery I can take.

And we are in the homestretch of the one I'm most excited about: The Hunger Games. I've read and re-read the three-book trilogy, and shared them with friends, family and co-workers (I'm still anxiously awaiting a book club meeting on it). The movie release date is March 23, and something tells me there's enough attention being paid that it will be coming to Fairmont. At least I hope it will.

Seeing the few snippets of previews, I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it. Despite the rabid fans already decrying the actor/actress choices, I think it's going to be a pretty good translation of the book (though I have a feeling there will be a lot of cut away scenes to avoid the gore factor, since it managed to get down to a PG-13 rating).

I've blogged about the Hunger Games before, and the toughest thing to explain about it is how a book about teenage children being forced to fight to the death can be such a great book! But those who have read it understand. It's more than just a Battle Royal, but a look at this twisted society and it made me question just how far away is our society from this futuristic one.

Then there's the thing that makes most Hunger Games fans bristle, and that's the comparison to Twilight. A couple of big differences is 1) While the Hunger Games is set in a futuristic time, there is no fantasy magic or beings. No one turns into werewolves or vampires or wizards. And 2) While the Twilight's main focus was on the romantic relationship, the Hunger Games does not revolve around heroine Katniss's potential feelings for her fellow tribute Peeta or her hunting partner back home, Gale.

I read the Twilight series and seen all the movies out so far, but I have to admit The Hunger Games got me hooked! It's probably one of the few books that I've re-read over again and again. And if the teasers of this movie are any indication, it might be the same way with me for the movie, too.


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