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Hold the sugar, please

July 27, 2011 - Jodelle Greiner
Growing up, when my mother made KoolAid, she never put in as much sugar as the directions called for. If I remember rightly, the packet called for a full cup of sugar, but she only put in three-quarters of a cup or less, maybe even only two-thirds.

Part of this was probably to make the sugar last longer, but part was the KoolAid really didn’t need that much sugar in the mix. I remember drinking that KoolAid and it was always plenty sweet.

Nowadays, so many companies are worried about sugar in their products and they’re trying to get all the sugar out and put artificial sweeteners in there.


I refuse to buy anything that has “light”, “free” or any other word like that on the label. I read labels and if it has aspartame or another artificial sweetener in it, it goes back on the store shelf.

The reason I will not eat artificial sweeteners is I’ve noticed I don’t feel good after eating them. I’m irritable, on edge — frankly, it’s a bit like having PMS, not a good thing. I don’t like the way it makes me feel, so I try very hard to not eat the stuff. I just can’t see where it’s an improvement to have those chemicals in our bodies instead of the sugar.

I do know that I should cut back on my sugar intake. At my age, my metabolism doesn’t burn off a candy bar the way it did in my teens and I’ve got to start thinking more about getting the most nutritional impact I can from the food I eat. Experts all say everybody eats too much sugar and we need to cut down on our sugar intake.

One way the food companies could help solve the problem is to look into how much of any one ingredient they put in these products and just cut the amount. Just cutting the amount of sugar will save money and calories and no artificial sweeteners are needed,


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