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Top 10 list for the week...

June 7, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
Lots of times I get inspired by some of the parenting blogs I read. Along with some good laughs (and cries) they help me realize I'm not alone in this full-time mom, full-time work juggling routine. But a recent invite for a three-day weekend, with the condition of "Just get a babysitter for the weekend," (with only 18 hours before said weekend was to commence) made this Top 10 really hit home..


(courtesy of the parenting blog

10) They want to see the baby so they suggest coming over before they go out for the evening. At 10 p.m.

9) They look generally well-rested, use terms like "beauty sleep", and claim exhaustion after one late night. And let's not even go there on still sleeping after 8:30!

8) They apply under-eye concealer with great success.

7) Their clothes look freshly laundered and there is no evidence of dried snot on their shoulders, or sticky food little handprints anyplace else. Also, they wear clothes that don't look like they can be repurposed as pajamas.

6) They don't think there is a difference between the taste of a cheddar cracker and the taste of a cheddar cracker in the shape of a goldfish.

5) They have nightmares that do not involve Mr. Noodle from Elmo's World.

4) They call you to make plans without a lead-time of at least two weeks. (DING DING DING!)

3) They think their cold/flu-like symptoms are solely their problem. And they are showing you how important you are to them if they keep plans regardless of their hacking infectious cough.

2) They equate having a child with having a dog. Then they put food in a bowl on the floor and leave their dog to go out for the evening.

1) They think going out to a restaurant with a toddler is an enjoyable activity.


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