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Haters gonna hate

May 24, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
It's always easier to be nastier behind the anonymity of a keyboard and monitor. Go to any message board, be it on our Sentinel site to any other site where comments are allowed, and you'll see it in action.

I am pleased to say that I do see a good mix of positive and negative comments on our Sentinel pages here. Though there are those few that seem to have nothing good to say about anything/anyone. But if you really want a toxic dose, go to any other page with a national audience and watch the venom flow. From "fan" Facebook pages, to entertainment to news and politics, the flamethrowers go up to 11 and some of the comments seen could probably trigger a visit from Secret Services.

And what provokes all this hatred? On one page was news of actors/actresses being cast for a movie based off a popular book. Every casting choice was "horrible," "sucked" and "ruining the book." This is even before filming's begun, and the lead actress recently had an Oscar nod. Why not at least see the movie before you make up your mind?!

Another rip-apart message board was on a celebrity's appearance on a TV show. Nothing but hate on the celebrity involved (even referring to her as something that would automatically get censored on our board!) It was obvious the minds were made up before they could even see what she would do.

I won't even start on the things I see on the national news and political boards. Tensions run high in those arenas, and I've learned not to even try to attempt an intellectual exchange without being bombarded with labels and told to (again, something that can't be referenced on this board). So much for open discussion.

Sure, I have celebrities/issues that I hear about and I sneer (grrr... Paris Hilton, GRR!) But would you really be this vicious to this person's face if you had the opportunity to meet them? For real, look this person in the eye, no distractions and call this stranger all the nasty names you type about them on the 'Net. If you can without even flinching, God help you.

But otherwise, why not just put your reservations aside for a few moments, and consider the possibility. Maybe this person CAN act, maybe this IS an idea that will help us all. Better yet, why don't YOU suggest something better if you think it's a waste of time. As the quote goes, "Better to light a candle than sit and curse in the dark." Or in this case, in front of your monitor.


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