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May 20, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
I've come to the conclusion that my son's sole intention is to get me committed to the nuthouse before he hits kindergarten.

I won't say he's as diabolical as baby Stewie from Family Guy, because underneath it all I know I'm his world. But that's a backhanded compliment from a toddler when they save their worst behaviors for you.

Then there are those other things. Like how at this time last year, I couldn't figure out how I was hearing noises all over the upstairs AFTER I put that Boy to bed, but I'd go up there and he was still in his crib. Long story short, he'd mastered climbing out of the crib... AND back into it! Little Houdini also manages pretty good camoflauge outside by the sandbox. Excluding the intentional face plants into his sister's sand castle.

But the latest trick of his is driving me nuts: hiding stuff. I haven't seen my iPod since sometime in February, and this week we lost a brand new pair of shoes and his backpack. The shoe loss took some coordination. The Boy learned he liked being barefoot in the grass, but after Mommy found a rusty nail with her feet, shoes became mandatory again. He didn't like. After several attempts to convince him, I gave up, put his shoes away and we didn't go outside. That next morning, the shoes were gone. Noplace to be found. I couldn't even find his old holey shoes. I ended up taking him to daycare with no shoes and grabbing another pair (just like the ones lost) at the store. Luckily, they were on clearance and under $10. The other pair that's MIA are still unaccounted for.

Then yesterday, his backpack went missing. I truly started wondering if I was "losing it." It took me (again) doing a search after taking The Boy to daycare, but I eventually discovered his backpack in the sandbox outside (no shoes with it though). Something inside fears it's only a matter of time before I will have to be referring Human Services, the attorneys offices and the psychiatrists in the area to this blog as to pinpoint where did it all go wrong...

(PS - Special note to GuyGregory: PLEEEEASE drop me an e-mail,, since I don't have any current contact info for you - I've gone through a few cell phone changes and computer crashes since the last time we were in contact.)


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