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Walk This Way

January 23, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
Many people and work places in town are participating in the Fairmont Medical Center's "Walk This Way" program. The Sentinel is no exception. When it was done last spring, we only had four people on our team. This time around, it has more than tripled. I've participated both times, but unfortuantely instead of getting easier, it seems to become more of a struggle for me.

With the "walk this way" program, there are no embarassing weigh-ins or mind-numbing calorie countings; it's simply an honor program geared more toward lifestyle changes and not making you swear off everything that tastes good. Eat fruits and veggies, drink 8 glasses of water, do some exercise and maybe a little resistance training, and you get points. (Within reason, for example if something that was once a fruit/veggie is deep fried or made into a jelly inside a doughnut, you don't get to count that as a serving. I learned that the hard way last year.)

The first week (like most New Year's "healthy lifestyle" resolutions) I was stellar: bags of carrots and oranges lined my refrigerator, always had a water bottle handy (even if I did use some Crystal Light flavor packages) and I managed to get my kiester to the gym along with my weekly Zumba dance class. But week three has not been so great. Did the Zumba, but when the nights dip below zero, it's tough to get motivated to get out to the gym once my work needs and the kids are down for the night. Personally, I think chasing my kids around, or getting cats out from pieces of furniture should count for my aerobic activity, but this aerobic activity needs to be at least 10 minutes in length. It's usually goes in 5-minute insanity spurts.

Truth is, this cold weather makes me believe I must've been a bear in a former life, since all I wanna do is bundle up with a fully belly and sleep until April. So week #3 of Walk This Way will be kinda obvious I fell off the wagon, but here's hoping I will have regained enough feeling in my extremeties Monday morning to hop back on the wagon for week #4.

Good luck everyone!


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