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bad driver/Ghosts of bad boyfriends past

September 6, 2010 - Jennifer Brookens

"Hey twerp in the wanna-be souped-up truck - Who challenges a minivan to a drag race?! And I didn't appreciate you throwing your cigarette out the window at me when I tried to pass your piece of crap truck when you decided to crawl 25 in a 45 zone - especially after riding my butt all the way back from Truman until I finally pulled over for fear of getting rear-ended. MORON!!"

That was my anger-fueled Facebook status Sunday after encountering some guy in a truck that displayed the driving behavior of someone I remember from way back when... and would prefer to forget. It was probably why I got so ticked off when most people would find a truck trying to challenge a minivan to a race either amusing or just pathetic.

During high school, I dated a guy who thought he was a miracle worker when it came to old cars and king of the streets for racing. Truth was, he was far from it. His junky cars (along with poorly-installed stereo equipment) would rattle the windows of every house in the neighborhood and irritate my parents by leaking oil or heaven knows what else in the driveway. (Yeah, I could pick the winners back then). But most embarrassing was the way he thought his junkpile of the moment could beat any other vehicle on the street; the way he'd pull up beside a car, or slowing down forcing them to pass, then gunning it. Not only was it rude, but ended up being dangerous. Luckily, no one was ever hurt or killed. It could've been so much worse.

It's been decades since I've had anything to do with that idiot of an ex. But last night was an unwelcome reminder that stupid people are still out there, and behind the wheel we always need to be vigilant of "the other guy." Because who knows exactly what their intent may be.


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