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Stop It!

March 26, 2010 - Jennifer Brookens

I try to avoid talking politics in public forums, but some of the "opinions"  voiced nationwide this week are just out of control.

Say what you will about the health care overhaul, but let's try to remember we are SUPPOSED to be a CIVILIZED nation! Yet this week, we've had people making threats against Congressmen and women who voted for the bill: not just 'you've lost my vote,' threats, but death threats against them and their families, vandalizing their property. Not exactly setting the example of the civilized country we claim to be now, are we?

So you think the health care bill is a giant mistake? That's your right to have an opinion. You wanna tell those Congress members who voted for it WHY it was a mistake? Then enlighten with reason and facts, not with threats and fear. And if you're mad enough to want to take physical action, maybe you should start by taking a deep breath and counting to 10. Repeat if necessary.

Yes, one of the wonderful things about America is the freedom of expression, but that freedom ends where someone else's rights begin. To be a true American, we need to respect that, whether we agree with our neighbors or not. If that's not good enough for you, then take it up with a Higher Power who said in one of His 10 rules: "Thou Shalt Not KILL."


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