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The outsiders ...

September 29, 2009 - Lee Smith
The cats who live in my home have been getting a lot of entertainment lately from a variety of creatures who live outside it. I'm not sure if it's a conspiracy on the part of the outsiders, but it's hilarious.

I think it all began a couple months ago when Cat No. 1 was sitting in the living-room window about 2 in the morning. A sudden thumping on the screen ... my cat thumping back ... paws firing back and forth ... yowls ... a big, bushy tail. Turns out another cat had approached the house stealthily and picked a fight, albeit one in which the parties could not really tangle. House cat No. 2 ended up getting the worst of it. Hearing the ruckus, he leaped up on the couch and ran to the window, only to be attacked by his brother, who was in full froth mode. The adult in the house had to shove them apart and remind them they weren't enemies. They soon made up. I chuckled.

The other outsiders include a rabbit who routinely hops to a stop right outside another window, especially if there is a cat in it. The cat thumps his tail against the wall and sings a dirge to the long-eared mocker. Apparently, he expects the rabbit to sympathize with his indoor status. Then there is the chattering squirrel who likes to leave walnut shells on our front steps. He also likes to ... well ... get squirrelly, running around the yard, up and down our maple tree and flicking his tail. The cats hate him and wish him ill.

Finally, there are the birds, who pop around on the rocks outside the window where the late-night "cat fight" took place. This is especially fun in the fall when they crunch and scatter leaves. The cats are enthralled. I can imagine their bloody thoughts.

I'm thinking I should add a full-time feature to these cats' lives. Perhaps they'd like a cocky rooster crowing at them from the back yard?


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