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Just Call Me Bat Killer?

August 12, 2009 - Jennifer Brookens
My hands have finally stopped shaking, and Tacky (the real name of Fatty) is enjoying a bonus midnight feeding as his reward. And every little flutter and scratch is now making me jumpy.

Reports of bats getting into houses around the area have increased this summer, and sadly we are no longer an exception. As I mentioned in the previous article, the only times I've seen a bat in the house was when it was already dead (thanks to the cat). That changed last night when I heard a bloodcurling yell from my husband just after I put the kids to bed. Thinking he caught one of the cats committing a messy sin on the carpet, I am dumbfounded as he barrels up the stairs after a startled cat. "Bat! Bat downstairs!" is all he said. We armed ourselves with blankets and heavy soled shoes (no tennis rackets handy). The rest of the night, no bat.

Nothing most of the day today. Just as I jump in the shower for the evening, I hear my husband yelling like a crazy man again. Could I just ignore it? Of course not. Peeking out from the bathroom in only a towel, I see it flying through the next room. And I quickly barricaded myself back inside.

"Tacky and I got him cornered," I hear my husband yell. "Grab another towel or something and help me." I think I would've preferred a surprise root canal at that point. But I went out with a second towel and played back-up as Dan and Tacky guarded the kitchen doorway. A few minutes later, out it darts, my husband swings, and the nasty little thing changes course and flies at me! I start swinging the towel wildly, aware that my shrieks sound like my 5-year-old when she's being chased with the garden hose. The icky thing dives down toward me. I freak and whirl the towel and I feel it made contact. Looking around, where'd it go?! We see it curled up on the floor and Dan quickly throws his blanket over it. In my crazed frenzy, I grab a shoe and start whacking away at the lump in the blanket.

"Jenn," my husband says calmly. "That's not the bat."

A few moments later, the bat is carried out in layers of blanket and the towel for good measure. It isn't dropped until the end of the alleyway, and more can be heard outside. Hopefully, they won't seek revenge. And now my hands start shaking again...


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