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common courtesy...

March 15, 2009 - Jennifer Brookens
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm posting a picture of what I witnessed Friday during my lunch break.

Yep, two people holding a conversation in the car wash line that has moved quite a ways forward (this photo does not show just exactly HOW LARGE a gap there is in front of these two dolts) and a conga line of vehicles pile up behind the two oblivious gossips. The poor white truck at the end has their back end hanging in the frontage road. This went on for 10 minutes (I had a witness with me to verify this IS NOT an exaggeration!) The white truck eventually gave up and left, although he would've had plenty of room to pull into that giagantic gap left by the gossipy Cadillac.

Surprisingly, no one laid on the horn, which I admit I would've probably done. Those vehicles stuck behind this gruesome-twosome definitely showed a lot more manners and class than these two probably deserved. I was actually tempted to go take some close-up photos of their license plates and faces to attempt to shame them, but I was held back... literally!

So here's hoping that someone might see themselves, or maybe realize they've exhibited this type of tunnel-vision in the past. Just hoping people will remember to show a little courtesy to those around them... and I'll try to do the same. Just move the conversation up in line.


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