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Streets are for vehicles

April 1, 2014 - Jodelle Greiner
I was driving in Fairmont when up ahead I saw an adult jogging in the street, right in the middle of my driving lane, with her back to me. She did move over to the right some more and when I passed her, I checked to see whether she was wearing earbuds, but I couldn’t tell.

What amazed me was this street had perfectly good sidewalks on both sides.

I cannot understand why people continue to jog, walk the dog and everything else in the street when this town has plenty of good sidewalks. People, that’s what those strips of cement are for, is pedestrian traffic. The streets are for vehicles.

I realize that there are times when people have to walk in the streets, but please be smart about it.

Always walk against the flow of traffic so you can see what’s coming at you. That means you should be walking on the LEFT side of the street, not the right side.

And if you like listening to tunes when you walk or run, only put in one earbud. Too many people put in both buds and then crank the music up so loud they couldn’t hear a car horn blast at them. If you are going to be in traffic, you must be able to hear.

Also, if you are out in twilight or full dark, wear light colored clothing and reflective tape. This makes you much more visible. I’ve come up on people wearing dark clothes while walking in the street in the dark and the only way I knew they were there was the movement of their legs interrupting the street lamp reflection off the pavement caught my attention — I barely saw them at all.

It should go without saying to look both ways while crossing a street and keep your eyes open and alert at all times, but too often people don’t. I’ve seen too many people just step off the curb into the street without checking to see if any traffic was coming.

Yes, drivers are supposed to watch out for you, but if there’s a collision, that is a battle you, the pedestrian, will lose every time. It’s just a question of how badly.


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