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Halloween 2013 edition

November 1, 2013 - Jennifer Brookens
November 1: I sit here with aching feet, and reeling from the fact that one Warhead sour candy is still making my gut protest 16 hours later.

I thought Halloween was kind of complicated with two little ones. It becomes more so when one has a social life, and the other realizes they can choose what they want to be for Halloween, but changes his mind every few minutes.

When I started asking The Boy what he wanted for his costume, all he said was "black." Not "black dog," or "black ninja," just "black." Leaves a lot of room for translation, especially since he doesn't follow any superheroes that dress in black. (Or villains for that matter). I've learned that with The Boy, you can't do anything that's out of the ordinary or uncomfortable. Unless it's 100-percent his idea. So no masks or make-up, or plastic bib outfits that cost $30. To "inspire" him, we went to the dollar store, and he liked a black cape. Fair enough. Then I saw an FBI kit with the gadget watch, cell phone, and thick glasses frames. Since the show "Ghost Adventures," is a regular with his sister, I thought I might be able to get away with dressing him as one of the ghost hunters. With a cape. It could work...

Halloween day: He has no problem getting the stuff on, but when it comes time to do the famous "fin" hairstyle of one of the ghost hunters, he freaked. One glob of gel, and he screamed, "I DON'T WANT MY HAIR WET!" Then he took off with my best towel and hid behind the couch, messing up his hair.

Later we start Trick-or-Treating, and no one can guess what "The Boy" is supposed to be. Vampire and Harry Potter were popular guesses, and I was willing to roll with either one of those. But truth be known I didn't really know what he was supposed to be either. By the time we hit the mall and other business-sponsored Halloween events, the sugar and stress has started to wear the boy down. I admit, I don't do great in crazy crowds for extended periods of time so I understand, but he hit "Tilt" and began tossing stuff out of his bucket when people would drop something in. Out to the parking lot we went, and I gave plenty of families their first bit of Thanksgiving, as in "I'm thankful that's not my kid acting like a wilder-beast in the middle of the parking lot!" (Just chalk that one up to Proud Mommy moment #1024).

And in a bit of karmic justice, the one piece of candy I helped myself to was a sour Warhead, and my stomach still hurts. But perhaps it's a backhanded blessing that anything take away my taste for candy.

At the end of the night, to add insult to injury, The Girl hands me two lists right before bedtime. One is the list of people she wants to invite to her birthday party in two weeks. The second is the wish list for her birthday and Christmas.

Now how many bargains can I find on eBay within the next six weeks... Welcome to the Halloween to Holiday spiral, 2013 edition. See you on the way down...


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