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A greener world?

June 10, 2013 - Lee Smith
Polar bears, penguins and people are in peril, say the climate change alarmists. Which, to me, raises the question: How might green critters feel about it?

Supposedly, climate change (global warming?) is going to raise ocean levels and force a mass migration of humans away from the coasts. If this is an actual worry of alarmists, it’s in conflict with their belief that humans are to blame for the purported crisis. Because, to me, if humans suffer under this premise, they will deserve it, right? That’s that.

When I begin to see East and West Coast “environmentalists” moving inland, starting subsistence farms and abandoning the modern trappings of capitalist comfort — from cell phones to iPads, lattes and Audis — I’ll stop considering them hypocrites. Until then, the urban in-name-only environmentalists should shut up.

But there is another point to consider: If climate change is real and some creatures, including us, suffer, won’t other creatures thrive? The things that creep, crawl and slither would enjoy a jungle that grows northward (or southward) from the tropics. Once upon a time, on a hot world, dinosaurs thrived. Maybe a new age of lizards is coming.

Earth itself won’t care. It’s a rock in space.

But we have to worry about HUMANITY, right? If that’s the case, I vote we keep doing what we’ve been doing. How I reason: Climate change will kill hundreds of millions, or more. So would abandoning markets, the alleged culprit of environmental degradation. Our best bet is to live, as we do, improving technology as we can, keeping in mind that hysteria and its crackpot “solutions” won’t solve a thing.


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Aug-06-13 12:05 AM

Dude, you can't be serious.


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