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Wash me — not!

March 19, 2013 - Jodelle Greiner
I was at the grocery store when I saw it: “Wash Me” with two eyes and a smile behind it written in the dirt on the back window of an SUV.

I think it’s time we cracked down on this graffiti that people keep putting on other people’s property.

For the record, I’m not talking about the kids grabbing shoe polish and writing “Hi Baby!” on each other’s windows. I mean this stupid practice people have gotten into of writing “Wash Me!” on any vehicle that crosses their path.

It started out years ago as a nonconfrontational way to give a hint that the driver of the vehicle might want to bathe the thing so people could tell what color it was, whether or not the headlights were on, and the police could read the license plate. It was cute for the first thousand or so times; now it’s annoying. You can’t turn around without seeing “WASH ME!!!!” on multiple vehicles that just happen to have enough dust on them so you can see the words.

For those of you who can’t keep your fingers to yourselves, do you really think the owners of those vehicles appreciate your “friendly” reminder? Do you think they don’t know their vehicles are a little dusty? Do you like making them feel bad and trying to embarrass them?

Come on, this is Minnesota in spring! Everything is gray from salt and sand and everybody’s at the point where they would like to hose it all off and get rid of winter. I know I am and I’m no clean nut.

It’s bad enough in town, but I feel for those people who live in the country, especially on gravel roads. They drive down them once and the vehicle looks like it’s been in an off-road mud rally.

Even if people wanted to hose down their vehicle, they can’t. Do you remember we’re in a drought and under a watering ban in Fairmont? That means nobody can hand-wash their vehicles. You can still use a commercial washer, but I’m not going to do that until the weather warms up enough to make sure my vehicle isn’t going to turn into a rolling iceberg.

Here’s hoping spring, warm weather and timely rain showers are coming soon — if for no other reason than to keep people from writing on others’ vehicles.


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