Et Cetera …

Sounds like flaw exists

We don’t care what name you call them, but we hope the emergency sirens in cities around Martin County are actually useful in the event of severe weather.

Martin County officials talked about the issue this week, and revealed that while the Sheriff’s Office can send out a signal to set off the sirens, not every town has the capacity to receive it. Instead, those towns rely on a paging system, and someone must manually turn on these sirens.

This sounds like a problem in need of some investment to modernize what is supposed to be a system that helps save lives.

Making tough calls

Our area school superintendents have to double as amateur meteorologists during the winter as they weigh whether to call off school when faced with possible snowstorms. It’s good to know that they communicate with one another to make an informed decision for the safety of students and staff countywide.

Fairmont Area Schools Superintendent Joe Brown this week shared insight into his decision-making, and acknowledged he is not perfect. But he and the other school leaders in the area are darn good. We hope people help and support them.

Government reopening

President Trump on Friday announced a short-term deal to reopen the federal government for three weeks as negotiations go on regarding his plan for a wall on the southern border.

He says a bipartisan committee will form to consider border spending. We hope this means that Democrats are finally willing to talk about funding some portion of a wall, something they backed in past but now want to deny to Trump.

In any case, reopening the government will serve to relieve travel woes at the nation’s airports, a problem that was growing in urgency.

Socialists create horror

We do not know what the United States and other Latin American nations can do to end the nightmare in Venezuela, but we certainly hope cooperation and common sense can lead to an end of the repressive socialist regime.

Venezuela has oil riches. It was and could be a natural tourist destination. But sheer and pure stupidity on the part of the Chavez and now Maduro regimes has poisoned the nation. It can barely keep its people fed these days.

The U.S. has recognized an opposition leader as the new president of the country, but Maduro remains in power. That has to end for Venezuela to have a chance.