Et Cetera …

Fix? Make things easier

State Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont, was recently appointed to a housing task force created by Gov. Mark Dayton. The group wants to examine rising housing costs and possible solutions, especially in outstate Minnesota. Housing costs are having a severe impact on some families, and limiting the ability of businesses to expand, especially in outstate Minnesota.

We can think of one simple step forward: Get government off the back of those who provide housing. Stop punishing them with onerous rules and taxation. Freedom can supply what demand wants.

Winter has things to offer

The Minnesota winter can be ugly and harsh, as many have noted amid recent cold temperatures. But this is only one side of the story. Many people, it seems, shut down for the winter, and this is a shame.

There are many things some people never try because their attitude prevents their movement. But a shift in thinking might be rewarding. What might a person consider?

How about snowshoeing. Or cross country skiing. Skating. Ice fishing. Snowmobiling. A winter hike. Winter photography.

The big question is, are we looking for chances to participate?

Complaint out of line

For at least the past two decades, we have not heard a particular complaint that has now arisen in Fairmont. It involves the pushing of snow by city snowplows into the end of people’s driveways. But a small movement has arisen, with some residents saying the plows do not have to operate this way. Given the cost and time involved in doing things differently, we believe they probably do.

Yes, it’s not always fun to clean out the end of your driveway after a large snowfall, but we all have to do it. Those who find this too strenuous or too repulsive do have options, whether it’s buying a snowblower or hiring someone to do the shoveling.

A way to share knowledge

Kudos to those students at Fairmont Area Schools who have decided to pitch in by offering their knowledge of technology to other students as well as teachers and staff. The school has implemented a program — Tech Tip Tuesday — that brings together those with insight into computer programs and applications so that everyone may learn and be more efficient.

In life, it does not matter from whom you learn, only that you remain curious and are open to the lessons. Tech Tip Tuesday reinforces this outlook. We hope all involved enjoy the process in which they are participating.