We hope our leaders note Chamber’s agenda

We cannot help but wonder how much better off the residents of Minnesota would be if the state Legislature would adopt a simple approach and enact the legislative priorities of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. A representative of the Chamber was in Fairmont this week to outline what must be considered a straight-forward, rational agenda that would make Minnesota a better place to live.

In case you have forgotten, commerce is the driving force behind every aspect of our lives. It is the engine that moves society forward, raises standards of living and provides all the funding used by government. Business is the goose that lays golden eggs. But does the state nurture this goose, or kick it in the tail?

The Chamber’s plan is sound, and includes reducing corporate and individual income tax rates, as well as the punitive statewide property tax levy that only businesses pay. The Chamber also wants only the state to create rules for businesses, and so to prohibit local governments from enacting wage and benefit mandates.

The Chamber does not oppose government actions. Rather, it wants them to be sensible and beneficial. So, it wants reforms aimed at improving transportation in the state. Notably, it wants sales taxes on rental cars and auto parts to be dedicated to transportation funding. Which only makes sense.

The Chamber also is deeply concerned about child care, workforce development and housing, three major factors in whether businesses can open or expand in Minnesota, especially in outstate areas. We’re sure the Chamber is willing to work with lawmakers on potential solutions.

In the end, it seems clear that the state can do more to foster opportunity here. The chance to prosper and get ahead is what every family wants. We hope our political leaders want to do more than pay lip service to these desires.