Et Cetera …

Entities teaming up

Fairmont has a long and wonderful tradition of appreciating and participating in the fine arts. Among the entities offering an outlet to those who enjoy performing on stage has been Civic Summer Theatre, with a history dating back 52 years.

But in recent years, the group has struggled a bit, producing no shows in 2016, before offering “Grease” last year.

Now the group is merging with the Opera House, with hopes of strengthening its legacy, at a site that has often played host to its productions. We are sure Fairmont will benefit from the relationship.

Good people help out

A major conflagration like the one that occurred in Northrop last weekend often becomes a story about good people doing their best to help others.

Dozens of fire departments responded to the grain elevator fire, with the crews working diligently for many hours. They were aided by other work crews, all of whom got some care from area residents, who brought food, beverages, fresh socks, hand warmers and other items. The Old Northrop Bar opened its doors, providing a haven for the crews to warm up.

Kudos to all who pitched in.

Coverage could be had

Millions upon millions of Americans would like something really simple: Knowing that should catastrophe strike, they would have health insurance coverage.

One long-touted solution is to allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines, so they can acquire coverage for less. The Trump administration moved this week to allow citizens to do just that.

Standing in the way are state regulators and “do-gooders” who want consumers to pay more for coverage they don’t need. Citizens need to let their voices be heard to overcome these obstacles.

Kudos to our libraries

Libraries in our area are planning lots of fun and educational events for children and adults alike in 2018. We hope residents will take some time to check the calendar to see what is happening at their local library.

Libraries these days are so much more than just books, although we would always encourage young and old alike to keep reading.

But other happenings might include lectures on women’s health, fun with Legos or even yoga. We appreciate the time and effort libraries put in to boost the experiences of their patrons.