In the new year, let’s cherish freedom again

It’s a new year, bringing new freedoms to Americans in the forms of tax and regulatory relief. We hope the trend continues here in many forms, and extends to other nations.

To Europe, which suffers stagnation under socialism. To the peoples of the Mideast and North Korea, who suffer under tyranny, be it Islamic extremism or a communist despot. To societies bullied by the likes of Vladimir Putin (in Russia) or Xi Jinping (in China). To the long-suffering peoples of Africa, where corruption, disease and backwardness linger.

We hope Americans recognize and appreciate how good we have it. And we hope more Americans will have the courage and optimism in 2018 to embrace what the Trump administration is trying to accomplish for the economy. The basic tenet is more freedom. Freedom does require more personal responsibility, but also offers hope and pays out rewards. Some, obviously, prefer more government control, which makes promises about lifelong security. This is a false promise that cannot be sustained financially. And it corrupts men’s ethics — work and otherwise.

Freedom and liberty are words more common to previous eras in American history, and that’s a shame. They need to be found again. They are what we all might claim to respect and want, but in the next breath, many of us are more interested in seeking guarantees and government payouts. Perhaps in 2018 more Americans can agree that reality is not pliable. And, if so, then agree that government should exist to (restore) and protect freedom, not to pointlessly exert force on the immovable.