Moderate Muslims can do more to help

In the bloodiest attack ever by Islamic terrorists in Egypt, they massacred at least 235 fellow Muslims in an attack on a mosque Friday. Bombs were set off, and those who escaped them were mowed down by gunmen.

The mosque, in Egypt’s Sinai region, was packed with members of the Sufi branch of Islam. That faith is despised by terrorists such as those in the Islamic State, because it shies away from a literal interpretation of religious teachings.

In other words, these were moderate Muslims. There are many of them — far more than the bloodthirsty terrorists who lay claim to Islam.

Yet all too often after terrorist attacks, the moderates seem content to do little more than point out they are nothing like the murderous groups.

If Islamic terrorists are to be destroyed — and merely “containing” them is not enough — moderate Muslims need to take a more active role against the murderers. The terrorists aim to subjugate or kill everyone who does not swear allegiance to them, and their enemies list does not stop with American Christians.


An “Et Cetera …” editorial in Saturday’s edition included an incorrect interpretation of feedlot inspection fees approved last week by Martin County commissioners. County fees are increasing from a total of $19,600 (on a four-year rotation basis) to a total of $34,406.