Et Cetera …

An intriguing idea, though

We think the Winnebago City Council made the right decision this week by deciding not to implement back-in parking downtown. With back-in parking, drivers would back into angled spaces rather than parallel park. This would create more parking spaces.

Council members saw problems given an elderly population, and the possibility of drivers backing into pedestrians.

While we can’t disagree with the council, we are intrigued by this parking method. It does allow drivers to go forward into traffic, rather than having to back out.

School gets equipment

Kudos to those donors who given contributed exercise equipment to Fairmont Elementary School. The students are putting the treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals to good use. They use the equipment to warm up before gym class, or to get some exercise when they have free time.

Truth be told, the school would be happy to get even more exercise equipment. Those who feel like donating may call the elementary school at (507) 238-4234 or email physical education teacher Derek Spear at

City updates trail plan

Fairmont City Council this week approved an updated “active transportation plan,” detailing a walking and bicycling trail system throughout the city. This was an appropriate move by the council, which must now look ahead to how it wants to proceed with trail expansion.

According to public input, desired projects include a Knollwood Drive connection to Cedar Creek Park, as well as a loop around the western portion of the city, and around the soccer complex on South Prairie Avenue. The costs involved are in the millions, but Fairmont does now have a local option sales tax that can be applied.

Terrified of free speech

Minnesota has a law that prohibits wearing political apparel in polling places. How stupid.

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a challenge to the law. Good. The law epitomizes the terror some politicians feel about free speech. They think that a few words or a slogan are going to have such a deep impact on other voters, whom they believe to be dumb sheep, that they must stifle those words.

How about instead we encourage free speech and free expression, as well as encouraging people to be informed and active in the political realm? We hope the court shoots down this pathetic law.